Ample space to move on land & in water

Amazing banana-boat-rides at Lake Wörthersee

The numerous attractive sports and leisure facilities offered along the holiday paradise Truppe-Muschett will provide ample space to move around and keep you and your family busy.

Minutes away from our private beach numerous water sports facilities can be arranged (e.g. banana boat rides, water ski, tire rides, surfing, sailing, fishing, motor boat rides, etc.).


Get caught up by scoring matches in table tennis, dart, volleyball or boccia. Swing your racket at the nearby tennis court with or without an instructor. Either by foot or by bike - start an eventful trip to the countryside and finish your day by spending a relaxed evening in our traditional wooden barbecue barn!


Our amenities provide:

  • 5 table tennis spots
  • Dart, boccia
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer, basketball
  • Outdoor chess
  • playground with many kids' vehicles
  • kids' carousel
  • Slide and seesaw
  • Tricycle, tractor , go-cart
  • fish pond
  • Kids' playroom with many indoor toys



Lean back and relax

enjoy the spa in your holiday paradise Truppe Muschett at Lake Wörthersee.

After having taken a swim or hiked a mountain or walked along the lakeside, forget about daily routine, breathe deeply and relax at our rainbow oasis.

Family Paradise

Kid's Paradise Truppe Muschett at Lake Wörthersee

In the Holiday Paradise smaller kids are allowed to frolic and act like children. Meanwhile the larger ones can relax and get pampered (by hotel mama).

Enough space to go

Plenty of elbow room guaranteed

Woods, private beach, rainbow oasis, barefoot-sauna-walk – you and your

family will for sure not feel being boxed in.