Vacation excitement for the whole family

Kids’ paradise at Lake Wörthersee

Our little celebrities are especially welcome in our paradise! To trigger sparks in their young eyes is a special pleasure for us. At our 12,000 m² private estate, close to the lake but naturally surrounded by forest, kids will find ample space for their holiday adventures. Velden and lake Wörthersee offer an endless variety for families' recreation.


Enough legroom for kids to make them feel free. They may explore the woods, find amazing anthills or enjoy swimming in the clean water of Lake Wörthersee. At the same time mam, dad, granny and grandpa can lean back and relax. No need to take care all day long, that your young eagles will not fall off the nest.


We have made sure during layout of our resort that all kids' facilities are placed around the apartments and can be easily observed.


Your kids will be pleased by the open space which allows to either back out or to make new friends and have fun at our playground with seesaw, swings, bikes, tricycles, go karts, tractors or in our sandbox.


If, once in a while, the weather does not invite for outdoor activities we have also arranged an indoor kids' playroom with board games, books, movies, knight's castle, dollhouse and tabletop soccer.


For our youngest guests we offer a baby set without extra charge (crib, baby chair, changing table, baby bathtub, wall socket safety cover, baby monitor). A nanny can be arranged on request.



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Lean back and relax

enjoy the spa in your holiday paradise Truppe Muschett at Lake Wörthersee.

After having taken a swim or hiked a mountain or walked along the lakeside, forget about daily routine, breathe deeply and relax at our rainbow oasis.

Family Paradise

Kid's Paradise Truppe Muschett at Lake Wörthersee

In the Holiday Paradise smaller kids are allowed to frolic and act like children. Meanwhile the larger ones can relax and get pampered (by hotel mama).

Enough space to go

Plenty of elbow room guaranteed

Woods, private beach, rainbow oasis, barefoot-sauna-walk – you and your

family will for sure not feel being boxed in.