Culinary! - Lake-dining games Culinary Festival April/May

Lake dining games - photo: Wörtherseetourismus GmbH Tine Steinthaler

With the Lake-dining games Culinary Festival at Wörthersee 25 April to 4 May 2019, the region starts tastefully into the new season.

As part of the lake-dining games culinary festival you can expect an unparalleled range of culinary highlights and special topics.

Relaxed! - Namaste at the lake - Yogafestival in May

Namaste am See - Foto: Wörtherseetourismus GmbH | Stefan KöchlNamaste am See - Yoga Festival Wörthersee 2020 with more than 30 workshops and a top-class international line-up of unique locations!

The Yoga Festival takes place simultaneously in Velden and Pörtschach.
So all yogis can choose their favourite location and courses from the top line-up select.

Noisy! - GTI and sport car week in May and June

At the end of May the lFestival of sport cars in Velden at Lake Wörthersee egendary Volkwagen "GTI" car week in Reifnitz takes place. Since 30 years this cult event at Lake Wörthersee attracts several thousands of Golf car fans.
By June the events start to get more on the fancy side. The sports car festival impresses with shining luxury cars. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches worth many, many millions of Euros.

Strong! - Carinthia Iron Man Austria in July

Ironman - copyright: Kärntenwerbung; Photographer: HorstIn July, Lake Wörthersee is chosen as the location for Europe's largest triathlon event!
Around 2000 athletes from all over the world participate in the "Carinthian Ironman Austria" event in Klagenfurt. Iron men have to swim for 3.8km, cycle for 180km, and then run a marathon (42.2km)! Come and cheer for these extraordinary athletes!

Exciting - Crime hard Wörthersee October

Crime hard festival - Foto: Wörthersee Tourismus GmbHSpend your day enjoying guided hikes in the magnificent mountains of southern Austria. In the evening listen to thrillingly exciting crime stories read by well-known best-selling authors like the Austrian writer Bernhard Aichner who is going to present his new book. On top of that there will be international presenters surprising you with their performances – goosebumps guaranteed.


Lean back and relax

enjoy the spa in your holiday paradise Truppe Muschett at Lake Wörthersee.

After having taken a swim or hiked a mountain or walked along the lakeside, forget about daily routine, breathe deeply and relax at our rainbow oasis.

Family Paradise

Kid's Paradise Truppe Muschett at Lake Wörthersee

In the Holiday Paradise smaller kids are allowed to frolic and act like children. Meanwhile the larger ones can relax and get pampered (by hotel mama).

Enough space to go

Plenty of elbow room guaranteed

Woods, private beach, rainbow oasis, barefoot-sauna-walk – you and your

family will for sure not feel being boxed in.